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Process Analytics For Jira

Process Analytics For Jira is designed to efficiently and automatically extract data from issues in a Jira instance for analysis. This application caters specifically to end-users and administrators who need to regularly extract data from a large number of issues and their related events. Users can create extraction templates using JQL language to select specific Jira information, issue types, and date filters for effective extraction.

The extracted data is exported in a CSV file that is compatible with many Process Mining tools, such as IBM Process Mining and most other process mining tools (ProM, Celonis, UiPath, Mindzie, Microsoft, Apromore, Inverbis, and many more). The application also provides visualization mechanisms for initial verification and analysis of process behavior.

With this application, you can gain insights into how your processes truly operate, identify improvements, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies during process execution.



🚀Getting started

Before you begin, please review the installation and configuration instructions on this page.

How does the app admin?

If you are an app admin, this section is interesting for you.

How do you access the app?

The app access is via Jira API Token. In this section, you can find related information.

How do you manage the data extraction?

See this page to create data extraction templates, run data extraction of the Jira instance, and obtain the CVS FIles such us the result of data extraction.

How do you view the extraction information?

To access more information on the initial analysis and visualization of the extracted data, please refer to this section.

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